Friends of Moldavian Strays (FOMS)

How You Can Help

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Sponsor a dog for £15 a month

Sponsoring a dog is one of the best ways of helping us and shelter staff plan resources. Sponsorship money can pay for vital food, shelter and medical treatment for our dogs and with 200 in our care each sponsorship matters a great deal. As a sponsor, you’ll receive regular updates from the shelter.

Donate a one the or monthly sum

You can set up a monthly payment of your choice by following the link below as well as making a one off donation. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a massive difference to the lives of our dogs and helps feed hungry tummies.

Chef in the Kitchen Project!

To ensure our dogs and cats eat good nutritious food, we run a monthly Chef in the Kitchen Project. Our daily food costs are £50 to feed the entire shelter, this works out at just 22p per meal per animal. We have 200 dogs and 37 cats to feed on a daily basis. We receive no local funding or have a sponsor, so we rely on kind donations to help us achieve this target. If you would like to participate in this project, or share a day’s cost with friends or work colleagues, or if you are a business, please consider making a pledge for a day! This scheme ensures our dogs and cats are well fed and our food supplies never run out. Its so simple to help, you make your donation via our Paypal and just let us know which date you would like to choose! We will add your name to the calendar! Thank you!

Support our cause

Follow us on our Facebook page Areal Moldavian Stray Dog Rescue Shelter to show your support and share our cause with your friends. The more people who know the horrors of life for Moldovan dogs, the more we can do to help them. We are very keen to continue our spay scheme whereby we capture, spay and return as many strays as funds permit. If you would like to support this scheme, please consider sending us a small donation marked ‘spay scheme’. Thank you.

​Join us

Our small team in the UK always welcomes extra help, so please get in touch if you have some free time. We work across a broad range of areas to help keep the shelter going, so you’re sure to have a skill that we can utilise, no matter where in the world you are, just email us to get involved. ​

Come visit

We welcome all visitors and we will welcome you with open coins and lots of likes. we are in process of buildingon site accomadation hut in the meawhile if you need help